NDT Inspection Supplies
When you need NDT inspection supplies of any type,
PSC Supply is truly your one-stop-shop.
We are the #1 distributor of Magnaflux products and Weiler brushes in the state of Louisiana and that says a lot about the scope of our inventory. We offer you the full range of NDT tools and supplies including yokes, coils, light meters, black lights and flue brushes just to name a very few. In fact, we can ship you all of the supplies needed to outfit an entire mobile inspection unit from top to bottom.
In addition to Magnaflux and Weiler, we offer a full range of Starrett precision tools, CRC lubricants, Krylon paint and other products related to the oilfield industry. To learn more about these product lines, click on any of the links provided or simply contact us for more information or to place an order or get a quote.

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